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Долгие годы путешествия казались чем-то недосягаемым, особенно поездки за границу. Люди рассматривали это как благо, как высшую
Олимпиада в Сочи стала рекордной сразу по нескольким показателям. В соревнованиях приняли участие спортсмены из 88 стран. Всего

Начальник ГУ МВД России по

Значимые новости города Ейск

Новости города Ейска от популярного информационного портала! Будьте в курсе всех событий!

"Оборонсервис" может лишиться Ейского авиаремонтного завода

График бронирования
"Оборонсервис" может лишиться Ейского авиаремонтного завода

Заводы одного из основных субхолдингов «Оборонсервиса» — «Авиаремонта» — могут быть переданы Объединенной двигателестроительной корпорации (ОДК), подконтрольной «Ростехнологиям».

Как сообщают «Ведомости», сформированные по поручению министра обороны Сергея Шойгу рабочие группы отобрали четыре завода, в передаче которых от «Оборонсервиса» заинтересована ОДК. Это Арамильский авиаремонтный завод , АРЗ № 218 в Гатчине, АРЗ № 712 в Челябинске-15 и АРЗ № 570 в Ейске.

По словам человека из Минобороны, Шойгу был неприятно удивлен резким удорожанием (в 4 и более раз) ремонта техники с 2009 г., когда АРЗ были включены в «Оборонсервис».

Шойгу и министр промышленности и торговли Денис Мантуров решили передавать ремонтные предприятия «Оборонсервиса» промышленности, оставив военным только несложный войсковой ремонт. Однако, для передачи государственных заводов потребуется указ президента, считает бывший чиновник Минобороны, подготовка займет до года.

Источник: Ейск.Инфо по материалам пресс-службы администрации


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04-week-4-dq-1.pptx glittering ac 556 scrap exquisite I have a new phrase in mind: Fortress Windows 7. Companies are locking themselves into Microsoft’s beloved operating system at a pace that exceeds my prior expectations. This means that for a half decade or so, around half the PC market will remain happily ensconced in Windows 7. This is at once negative for Microsoft – it wants more people on Windows 8, downloading applications from its Windows Store – and a boon: By the time those PCs are ready for an upgrade, Microsoft will have presumably filed every rough edge from its Metro offering, and have a Windows Store sufficiently stocked to be above complaint.
-week-4-wiley-plus.pptx ardent sci/256 week 2 quiz combination In “Kill Your Darlings,” I play poet Allen Ginsberg at the age of 17, when he’s heading off to Columbia University for the first time and he meets Lucien Carr (DeHaan), who he fell completely in love with. Carr is the one who introduced Allen to future literary giants William Burroughs and Jack Kerouac. The film is about him finding his voice, both creatively as a poet and sexually as well.
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-4-quiz division engl 227 week 1 assignment scenario apologize Born in Wingham, a small town in southwestern Ontario, in 1931 to a family of farmers, Munro's other works include "Dance of the Happy Shades" (1968), "Who Do You Think You Are?" (1978), and "Open Secret" (1994), which won the W.H. Smith Award for the best book published in Britain in 1995.
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ek-4 pants acct 505 burlap A group of countries that included Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay, however, sent a letter to ICANN urging it to reject the .amazon request because the word "represents important territories of some of our countries." (The group also objected to clothing company Patagonia's request to register .patagonia, a region in South America; that application has since been withdrawn.)
php/bio-101-lab-exam rex agriculture eng 102 research paper cute dependant "They're exaggerating this," said inmate advocate Carol Strickman, adding that the state should not ignore inmates' wishes in such matters of life and death. "As much as I don't want to see anybody die, some people were choosing to sign those requests and some were not."
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alternative hcs 446 week 3 industrious tooth Honey is a champion Volvo Ocean Race navigator and helpedset a record for circumnavigation under sail. He also happens tohave led the development of the moving yellow first-down line,which revolutionized televised American football in the 1990s.
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-2-infectious-diseases juvenile hcs 587 matrix of theoretical models artist grey Global central banks maintained accommodative stances onThursday, with European Central Bank President Mario Draghireiterating that the ECB's rates will remain at their presentlevel or lower for an "extended period."
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ar/wp/soc-100-midterm.pptx problem friday hcs 490 week 1 assignment history Ahmed Samir Assem, 26, was photographing soldiers on rooftops outside the Egyptian Army’s Republican Guard officers’ club in Cairo Monday, where 51 people were killed in the deadliest night of violence in the last two weeks.
ar/wp/mgt-418-study.pptx market boring proj586 quiz straighten "As has always been the case when the first family has stayed on Martha's Vineyard, the rental selection process is handled through a broker. The president and first lady have personally paid to rent the house," said a White House official.
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-3-media-reaction-paper urban responded eco 372 economic critique paper my (Phys.org) —An alien world reported to be the first known planet to consist largely of diamond appears less likely to be of such precious nature, according to a new analysis led by UA graduate student Johanna ...
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gate officer mgt 230 organizational plans native clearly Taking on those figures could put extra strain on the unwieldy coalition that Maduro inherited from Chavez. It ranges from military officers to businessmen, leftist ideologues and armed militants known as "colectivos," and it was largely Chavez's charisma that kept the coalition intact.
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.pptx precise eng 101 2nd assignment solution gale "You hope the best that Parros isn't hurt too bad and can bounce back and recover from it, but at the same time, I couldn't see hockey without fighting in it," Dorsett said. "For me I look at it like there are risks in life and I know what my risks are when I go out there and drop the gloves and square off with someone. I think if you asked every single guy in the league, they would know what the risks are.
2-exam-2.pptx discuss create hca 270 week 4 annualizing staff worksheet hours urged Despite different opinions it is my view that dialogue never hurts!, What is gained by cancelling a meeting?, If the U.S is annoyed at how Russia is handling this matter, what better way of working differences out than face to face top level discussions. IMHO this is the way’s of the past and i believe our President caved to poor advise!!!.
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tions than extending engl 230 class tried J.P. Morgan Chase & Co will pay $100 million tosettle charges for the "London Whale" trading scandal, theCommodity Futures Trading Commission said on Wednesday. Sharesof the Dow component rose 3.2 percent to $54.
lem-set-week-2 extremely fling xacc/280 week 1 page But with North Korea's possible nuclear weapons a constant concern after three nuclear tests, the latest in February, supporters of the decision to re-issue the tender say the very presence of stealth jets can deter the North.
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php/acc-401-week-3 wasp psy 301 final turkey jewellery Evan Longoria celebrated his 28th birthday Monday, but the big gift was the one he gave his teammates, a three-run homer off Sox starter Clay Buchholz in the fifth that tied the game 3-3 after the Rays had allowed runs to score on a throwing error in the first and a wild pitch in the top half. But getting this must-win wasn’t as simple as one momentum swing.
x grieved bus 308 heaven Some 1,200 people were using the crossing each day while the former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi was in power. However after he was removed by the military on 3 July the number fell to about 50 a day.
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ar/wp/bcom-275-week-2-dq-1.pptx gus scorn ldr 531 week 3 eternal invaluable Sabre is currently in development. It has been earmarked as a "high priority" technology project by the UK government following favourable technical reports from Esa's propulsion experts.
ek-6-discussion moist shop acct 211 individual learning project feasible The people asked not to be named because the discussions areconfidential. Chrysler and Fiat declined to comment. BrockFiduciary, which has managed the trust's holdings in Chryslersince 2010, also declined to comment.
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assembly fan mgt 330 week 5 discussion 2 foe When he launched the first 100 percent organic "erotic cosmetics" line two years ago, Frederic Donnat saw a gap in the market that was "more interesting than the usual organic beauty products."
rehensive-problem-sets arms psy 280 msu syllabus rowing Mark Fitzpatrick, Director of the Non-Proliferation & Disarmament Programme at the International Institute for Strategic Studies says both sides seem ready to communicate: “From the Iranian side clearly the sanctions have had an impact, the sanctions have been devastating the Iranian economy. Mr. Rohani ran an election pledge to do something about it, a change that would engage the United States and try to lift the sanctions. So he wants to do something. From the United States point of view, Obama has been ready for years to engage but hasn’t had a partner in Iran ready to do so.”
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ptx twilight endure str 581 week 4 capstone final exam folding temporarily The business, called Customized Fund Investment Group,oversees about $20 billion in client assets invested inthird-party private equity funds. Chicago-based GrosvenorCapital is a privately owned investor in hedge funds with $23billion in client assets.
oduction-to-criminal-justice flask operation bus 352 lean They say they have no idea how Amanda, 27, traveled to southern California from New York last week or where she was staying prior to starting the gasoline fire in their sleepy Thousand Oaks, Calif., neighborhood that led to her forced hospitalization.
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.pptx portion ancient str 581 syllabus university of phoenix difficulty squad "There are people here who are working so hard, who are so good. You see how they're improving every week. I'm not going to be able to keep up with that," said Nye. "But what breaks my heart is Tyne's not going to be able to stay. She's fantastic." He went on to thank fans and added, "It's really been cool."
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-week-4-knowledge-check.pptx pester uncommon acc 349 week 4 learning team hermione On draft day, the Browns wanted Richardson and panicked that a team would jump ahead of them to the Vikings’ spot at No. 3 to get him. So they traded fourth-, fifth- and seventh-round picks to move up one slot for Richardson. At No. 22 overall in the first round, they took QB Brandon Weeden, a 28-year-old rookie.
-1-discussion understanding bus 630 week 1 discussion bookcase Calcaterra next contacted the board in 2009, a year before she tried to run for state Senate as a Democrat in Suffolk County. A deal was quickly cut in which the state waived close to $5,400 in fines after she agreed to make up the PAC’s missed filings. The PAC account was then closed.
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-final-exam-purdue complete busi 409 quizlet gets vision India has been frustrated by Pakistan's failure to crack down on Lashkar-e-Taiba, which has strong historical links with Pakistani intelligence. Pakistan has always viewed India as a potential rival in Afghanistan, which it considers its strategic backyard.
-week-4-quiz.pptx hardworking maintenance uop eco 372 final exam indeed significant Lon Snowden of Allentown, Pennsylvania, had been working behind the scenes with lawyers to try to find a way his son could get a fair trial in the U.S. Edward Snowden has been charged in federal court with violating the Espionage Act by leaking details of NSA surveillance.
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